Review: KOS-MOS v.4 by Atelier Sai


By request. ^_~

If you blur your vision a bit she looks alright!

This is one of those figures I purchased on a purely raving fanboy basis. I knew it wasn’t the greatest figure, even the prototypes looked rather shabby, but I had to have it anyway. However, I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone else except that it’s the only easily available 1/8 figure of KOS-MOS version 4 for fans (although usually sold over-priced, in my humble opinion), now that the Alter version has sunk back into rarity.

I thought a flash pic would accentuate some of her ...details.

There are many defects in the casting and the sculpt is below average to begin with, especially for the prices you’ll find her at. She feels and looks very cheap, cheap plastic and cheap paint. Much of the paint has an extremely cheap “metalic” effect via flecks, which you can see a bit in the flash photo. Below you can see that not only does the paint seem cheap quality, the paint application is equally horrid.

I love that lavender blonde....wait, what?!

And her hair is purple. Okay there’s a bit of blue in there but…yeah. And like all the cool kids are doing with their KOS-MOS figures, her hair is translucent. It’s probably the most translucent hair on a KOS-MOS figure I’ve seen (and, surprise surprise, cheapest looking), you can see the lovely connection pegs and what not in the back of her head by looking through her hair.

Well, atleast she comes with that sweet sword...

I don’t know if this is a problem with all the figures, but her weapon holding arm kept falling off mine as it was very loosely fit on. Eventually I just decided to glue it together with epoxy adhesive. The sword is made of several parts so it can be transforms to be closed, without blade and what have you. The blade was a driving force in the decision to get her, as no other figure had featured it yet. It looks alright, well, it’s consistent with the rest of KOS-MOS’ paint application in any case. It falls apart very easily as well, as the piece all loosely connect together. The is one figure to be extra careful with when moving or when placing other figures close to her.

Yeah, that's where she sticks her chewing gum when it loses its flavour.

The super see-through effect can be seen a bit in the above picture (as well as defective hairline marks in her…hair). There’s also a nice wad of idunnowat on the back of her right “bunny ear.” Atleast the decal is nice an legible 😀

She's in a wide-legged neutral stance reminiscent of the Bomé figure.

The sculpt is fairly accurate in it’s inclusion of details, for the most part, but still very poorly executed, and any exceptional parts are masked by the mostly-hideous paint job.

The extra 2mm of plastic would have driven up production costs too high.

Her often worshipped leggings are a train wreck as well, poorly sculpted almost in a random fashion with a blotched paint job. There’s a noticeable gap between the…thigh sash (?) and KOS-MOS’ loin cloth. What lies beneath is…

OMG our first pantsu~! Oh wait, oh god, oh no, oh god, oh no.

Normally we don’t lower ourselves to the pantsu level around her at the Wandering Wonders, but the figure was designed in a way that the her underpants are peeking at eye level, and like the rest of the figure, it is not a pretty sight. Also, the white paint drops add a particularly funny/disturbing element. x_X

Translucent = shiny = pretty? No.

Translucent = shiny = pretty? No.

The blue oval-ish bits that decorate KOS-MOS gauntlets have been done in the same translucent, shoddy plastic as her hair for that extra-special underwhelming effect.

Gotta keep your face up!

Again, I don’t know if it is an issue with mine or with all of them, but she has slight lean forward when secured to her giant, unwieldy, black, circular base. This creates two issues: for one she looks as though she is always staring at the ground, perhaps done intentionally by Atelier Sai to express their shame in what they did to KOS-MOS. Secondly, when her extra long sword is attached it actually goes past ground level, even though the figure is elevated on her stand. So she is generally always leaning on the sword, this may be why her arm falls out so much. I guess it’s good her arm is made of such cheap wobbly plastic then.

Later ^_^


~ by wanderingkind on April 12, 2010.

One Response to “Review: KOS-MOS v.4 by Atelier Sai”

  1. Oh wow, you did a whole review! (Awesome) I appreciate all the pics and the time you took to do this. Sort of talked me out of it now, lol. I think I WOULD rather put my money towards something better. The version 4 look is still so tempting, but I’ll focus my attention on some of her other figs. She looks really nice in the first pic. 🙂 But then the second pic…. XD Also, I lol’d at ” for one she looks as though she is always staring at the ground, perhaps done intentionally by Atelier Sai to express their shame in what they did to KOS-MOS”

    Awesome review! 😀

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