Review: T-elos by Alter

Next up in the Xenosaga round-up is KOS-MOS version 4’s counterpart from Alter, T-elos.

TP-XX, or T-elos, I just realized, is practically impossible to talk about without massive spoilers. So we’ll just focus on the figure, but suffice it to say she looks like KOS-MOS with a mean tan for a reason. ^_^

Aw man, I dusted her right before the photoshoot. ~_~

This figure was released in the same “line” as Alter’s version 4 KOS-MOS, and as usual with Alter, the quality is magnificent. Even though T-elos is an evil b**** that I am not particularly fond of, this is one of my favourite Xenofigures. Okay, I guess all the Alter ones are, but still, this figure is so nice to look at.

Now THAT I can learn to love to hate.

She’s a pretty accurate likeness as expected from Alter, with pretty much every detail you can imagine accounted for in the sculpt and paint application. Her skin tone is actually very nice and matte, I know her face looks a little glossy in the pictures but it’s not noticeable in person.

Spin for me...




.............Thanks. ^_^

The super-smooth paint application looks immaculate, and the multiple dual-tone/metallic colours used create a nice effect. When I first got her I put her on the computer desk next to my monitor and found myself just staring at her constantly. I was really happy I decided to pick her up.

This seam is one of the few issues I have with the figure.

The seam is not as noticeable in person, in fact I don’t think I did notice it before I took photos of her.

T-elos stands with her L-Blade at the ready.

The details on her gauntlet are well done and further evidence of the excellent paint job. The translucent L-Blade (as opposed to KOS-MOS’ R-Blade ohoho) is a really nice touch.

You can see many similarities between her and KOS-MOS' various outfits.

T-elos has ridiculously long hair, even longer than KOS-MOS, it’s swept back through a “bunny” visor just like KPX. T-elos’ design incorporates more organic shapes and designs than our blue-haired heroine and they’ve been faithfully recreated here.

She's a super king kamehameha beyotch.

She’s getting harder to find these days, I picked her up at a local comic store because it was slightly cheaper than ordering her and paying for shipping from USA store. If you’ve found her for a decent price though and have been debating it, I’d recommend it.

Later. ^_^


~ by wanderingkind on February 1, 2010.

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