Tsquared’s new Wii game renamed “Xenoblade”

Tetsuya Takahashi, you know, that guy behind Xenogears on the Playsation? The one who now has that development team Monolith Soft who made a little space-opera series? Xenosaga, was it? Well at last year’s E3 they revealed a new game for the Wii called Monado:  Beginning of the World, which is being fronted by Satoru Takahashi, who also worked on Xenosaga.  On January 28th, Nintendo updated it’s release schedule for the year, and Monado changed to Xenoblade.

Exciting? I think so, even if they just used the Xenoseries type title for attention.

The teaser website can be visited here. It features the above artwork and a lovely piece of music playing in the background.

Sources:  RPGamer and Kotaku.

Gallery and trailer after the break.

I really like the visual style so far, it reminds me very much of Vagrant Story with a bit of Final Fantasy XII‘s almost painted quality, even though the graphics aren’t the greatest as a Wii title. And we do have some giant mecha action going on in the one screen from the teaser website. Can’t wait for more news on this one!


~ by wanderingkind on January 30, 2010.

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