Craptastic Bargains! Volume 1

Welcome to Craptastic Bargains! Volume 1!

There are two kinds of Craptastic Bargains:

1. A very good item on sale, and the price is still high enough to make you cry.

2. A very crappy item on sale for a really good price, even for crap!

This one is the latter, for all the Xenosaga fans, ’cause obviously that’s where alot of my attention goes to.  And it’s all about the crap.

One commenter (Ju) on the KOS-MOS ver.4 Alter review mentioned the Motion Revive figure that’s out there of that KOS-MOS version. Well, the figure is pretty much in the zone of what I consider craptacular. From my understanding though, Motion Revive figures cater to a market for tiny little articulated figures, so I guess for the scale these figures are alright. From Xenosaga there are two, the ver.4 KOS-MOS, and a T-elos.

Each of these figures include bonus parts that belong to the other, so you have to get both for them to be “complete.”

It was mentioned that KOS-MOS goes for about $15.99-$19.99 USD on eBay and Amazon, which is really too much when you factor in the quality, and add shipping on top of that.

Well, I managed to snag them both from Hobby Link Japan for about $20 CND, including shipping. they’re on clearance for about $6.50 each USD.

You can find a written review of KOS-MOS here.

You can find a video review for KOS-MOS here.

You can find a video review for T-elos here.

And if you are interested in buying them, or just can’t help yourself ’cause you’re like me and you have a problem, you can find and order KOS-MOS here and/or T-elos here from HLJ. They’re both in stock but they’ve been on clearance for a while so I’m not sure how long they’ll last.


~ by wanderingkind on January 29, 2010.

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