Review: Pre-Painted 1/4 Scale KOS-MOS from Volks (by e2046 Gathering)

What a mouthful of a title.

Part 1 of the Xenosaga Round-up!

Everybody’s favourite blue-haired, Gnosis killing, often bathing suit wearing, cold-blooded killing machine has been given the Official Garage Kit treatment by Volks. You can pic up the lovely, high quality, and beautifully sculpted unpainted, unassembled resin kit for $600. Well, assuming you have a time machine to go back to the two events she was sold at. Otherwise, you’re going to have to settle for a dupe from your favourite, copyright infringing re-caster service. In my case,, who also offer the figure  pre-painted through their “Gathering” service. If you have the skills, paint her yourself, because as beautifully done as she is, this figure was quite the hassle. She’s worth it, though, and so massive she’ll definitely stand out in your collection, she scared the other toys.

T-elos is in for a nasty surprise.

More pictures and useless text after the break!

This has easily become my most prized figure, it’s an amazing interpretation of my favourite character. Unfortunately, upon arrival I found that she had broken during the shipment, and her hand had snapped of clearly on the peg, along with some other parts. The joys of resin in the Canadian winter! It took some time, materials, and alot of advice from the kind folks at the e2046 forums, but in a couple weeks I had her all patched together and looking like a star again – without having to go through the process of shipping her back to e2046 and having them fix her.

Blood lusty eyes? Check.

The figure is very large, standing over 17 inches on her stand, and the attention to all the tiny details is what really impresses with this figure. Especially because all those tiny details are so much bigger than normal!

e2046 took a lot of customer feedback to get the colours just right.

For a recast, the quality is great, I really don’t think anyone would be able to easily tell the difference.

An excellent face sculpt really adds to her quality.

She comes with a secondary visor, with the disk down for the launching of the Hilbert effect, but I don’t think I’ll be using it as it covers too much of that lovely face sculpt.

The delicate gold chains look great in her flowing hair.

(Ack, can’t escape the dust!)

The clear resin used for her hair is well done, it has a pearlescent sheen to it to try to match that iridescent glow that KOS-MOS has in the game. It’s only slightly more blue than the Alter figures, almost the same, I wish someone would release a KOS-MOS with her more vibrant, almost aqua hair colour from Xenosaga Episode I.

The visor attaches between her bangs and face with a magnet.

There are a few magnetic pieces in this figure which e2046 have added for our benefit. The bangs are a separate piece from her hair, this allows you to slide in one of the two visors and magnetically attach them both to the head. The other magnets are in her brazier. The figure is unfortunately cast-off, but I hear there is a big market for that so I guess it was a pretty big selling point for e2046. You savages. 😉

The culprit hand and gauntlet.The right hand, which supports her massive Gatling gun, was the one which broke in shipping. I had to drill it with my Dremel and insert a metal pin for support, along with a good amount of 2-part epoxy glue. The golden “gauntlet” piece on the hand was also broken off, but probably for the best, as the way the gun is positioned would have snapped it off. Now I have reattached it with a tiny pin and epoxy, and it stays a little askew, although it is not very noticeable when viewing the figure.

Keeping an eye on T-elos, presumably.

As you may have noticed, there is alot of decal work on this figure. From her “bunny eared” visor to her shoulder pads and stockings, they are everywhere, and they have all been very accurately applied, I can’t detect any creases or missing bits in any of them. Some of them can be easily read too, like her name on her visor, or “Shion Uzuki & Hakase Factory Made” written along the length of her bunny ears.

There are some nice two-tone paint applications.

The paint application, for the most part, is superb. Very smooth and most of the lines and edges are very clean. There are a few tiny blemishes on her leg, which I was tempted to send her back for repairs for, but I’ve gotten over it. Won’t feature them here though, urgh. Ah well, perhaps it is some damage from battle, now she just needs a button to press that makes her say “Shion, my external appearance is down 5%”

Fine decal work on the thigh compartment and her lace.

e2046 also through in a secondary base apart from the one that came with the original. It’s well sculpted and nicely painted, although it doesn’t really have that “Xenosaga feel” to it. However, I find the default base a little too unstable for my liking, and the secondary base is massive and sturdy, so I will be using it for display. Thanks Gathering!

KOS-MOS' freakish Anima Vessel like spinal casing is intricately intact.

Even the detail on her back is relatively well done. Although I think that it is probably where the paint job is lacking the most detail and finesse, probably because the hair mostly covers it anyway, but it’s not bad by any means. You can see even here behind the hair there is a decal on her spine casing.

Ummmm...what a fine piece of....sculpt.

KOS-MOS doesn’t have your typical anime girl’s dainty figure. She has powerful, thick legs as some of my friends might say…-_-. A thin waspy waist and a whole lot of curve, she’s very fetching (but not “fetch,” that’s not going to catch on, damnit).

The lacing up the back of her leg is a nice detail.

The fabric folding of her outfit is very detailed, down to her ankles and toes. For any hardcore figure collecting KOS-MOS fan I’d say this is a must-get, in either bare Garage Kit (if you have the skills or can pay someone to paint it for you) form or pre-painted. Personally, though, I won’t go through the hassle of a pre-painted garage kit’s shipping risks again.

There are, I think, 4 more entries in the Xenosaga round-up, and I’ve got about 5 or 6 other pictorials to get up, and few more figures and projects coming in, so hopefully I’ll be posting again in under a year.

Here's a little teaser/size comparison.


~ by wanderingkind on January 28, 2010.

2 Responses to “Review: Pre-Painted 1/4 Scale KOS-MOS from Volks (by e2046 Gathering)”

  1. “What a fine piece of sculpt” is right! I’ve never really been able to see KOS-MOS’ fine bootay before because of her hair, lol. Awesome review and pics. 😀 ❤ Absolutely love pics 4 and 8~! I can't believe how beautiful her eyes are. The whole thing is lovely of course, but I'm a sucker for detailed eyes. Congrats again on getting her. ^^ She's amazing.

  2. Thanks xD
    Yes, her eyes are marvelous! (/facepalm at the connotations that statement would have elsewhere)
    I think 4 and 8 are my favourites too (errr, 3 & 7 by file name). Especially number 8, that one steals my heart. ❤

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