Fun With Lelouch Figma by GoodSmile Company

Self explanatory >.>

Making Lelouch look (more) girly is a favourite past time of mine.

“I desire…macaroni pictures.” (obscure reference)

Wait…what? Lelouch is Zero? Spoiler warnings plzkthxbai. 😦

Okay, now that’s just confusing.

Ugggh. Can’t wait for Vocaloid Figmas. x3


~ by wanderingkind on October 13, 2008.

One Response to “Fun With Lelouch Figma by GoodSmile Company”

  1. lolol

    I SAY YOU CANNOT CHIDE ME FOR PUTTING LULU’S HEAD ON MIKU’S BODY. 😛 Because you also admitted to making Lulu more feminine one of your favorite pastime xDDD

    To have owners like as us… Poor Lulu xD

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