Review: Persona 3 Hero/Shujinko by Kotobukiya

I should probably start calling them pictorials or something…

For some pictures and thoughts, you know what to click:

So this is a  1/10 scale PVC figure by Kotobukiya. I love the character designs for Persona 3 so when I found out this figure existed I hunted it down all night long (found it for $32 on some small web shop that still had it in stock, it might have been re-released or something now though, I see it popping up on eBay again). This is the first heavily anime styled Kotobukiya statue I’ve gotten since the FFVII 1/8 Resins, and I am pretty impressed. The sculpt’s resemblance to the character is uncanny and the paint application is wonderful down to the tiny details. I find it strange that Kotobukiya can get the paint done better on a tiny 1/10 scale figure like this than on some of their larger scale figures that I have seen.

He comes with two interchangeable right arms. One is extended outward and holds a tarot card, while the other aims his iconic and gun-like Evoker in the general direction of his head, in the pre-suicidal pose Persona 3 is so recognizable for. The Evoker is removable from his hand. The arm stays in securely but is not a hassle to remove/reinsert.

The belt with the (non functioning) Evoker holster is also removable (he seperates conveniently and easily at the waist). The belt itself is meticulously detailed like the rest of him, with “stitching” details, buttons, loops, and a precisely painted belt buckle.

The baubles and buttons on his jacket are detailed with paint and print, with an accurate recreation of his S.E.E.S. left arm band. The zipper is painted expertly with a metallic silver. The sculpt is beautiful as I said before, especially for such a small scale. The pose may be a little static but it fits the character and the game. The base isn’t worth photographing, just a blue plastic slab with the tarot print on it, cut in half. I believe someone told me it fits together with Akihiko’s base so that the characters stand back to back, but I haven’t picked up Akihiko yet to confirm it.

I’ve been meaning to upload these for months. I’ve started playing Persona 3 again which gave me the drive to stop slacking on the blog for a day ^^

Next Review/Pictorial/whatever: Ummmmm……..probably Alter’s KOS-MOS version 4.


~ by wanderingkind on September 27, 2008.

One Response to “Review: Persona 3 Hero/Shujinko by Kotobukiya”

  1. wow its good is it his true name shujino

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