Review: Aerith from Square Enix Sculpture Arts Series

Yet another wanderful (I apologize) review (opinion).

Review and more pictures after the break.

This is the polystone Aerith from the Square Enix Sculpture Arts line. It stands about 17 inches tall, and most of that is the base and the lifestream stuff. Overall, it’s a very beautiful piece of work. The sculpt of Aerith herself is pretty well done, despite the size and despite that fact that it is a Square Enix product. I am not used to polystone figures and I am not sure if it has something to do with that but her face has this sort of…rough texture, which kind of bothers me, but that is only if you get too close to notice it, and this is a figure meant for putting in a display case and admiring it from outside, so that isn’t really a major issue. There are a few minor paint application errors, which again I will mostly attribute to the size and medium (she’s so small and mostly one piece) but again they aren’t very noticeable unless taking a close up look. Some people complain about her knees…they don’t bother me at all though. The hair is well done and I love the pose, even if it is sort of static the fact that she is floating just makes it all better. Most of these errors are with just with Aerith herself though. The base is amazing. Starting with the clear bits of green life stream flowing out around her, the base keep getting better. The paint is very detailed and the base has a very lifelike look to it. The sculpting is excellent as well, with suspend broken steps and everything, creases in the rails and decals look great. The whole thing balances on a crumbling pillar that looks fantastic and stands in a clear basin of “water.” It would almost steal the show if the completeness of the scene didn’t require Aerith. Together I think they mesh beautifully for a high end sculpture. But with a price tag of $220.00 USD I’d of course only recommend it to die-hard (lol) Aerith fans. And it gets me even more excited for the Balthier & Fran Sculpture Art due out this summer. I do accept donations for my addiction. 😉

As you can tell I enjoy doing the picture part of the review much more than the writing part. x3


~ by wanderingkind on June 11, 2008.

2 Responses to “Review: Aerith from Square Enix Sculpture Arts Series”

  1. I admire your bravery for taking the slight gamble that is Square-Enix products.^^ The sculpture arts line is little known to me but this one is really stunning. Also nice pics.

  2. Yes, it is a gamble, there is always the risk of them being downright terrible or if not, arriving broken in the box (Oh Auron…). The Sculpture Arts line is pretty new so you may not have heard of it, so far there have been Cloud and Sephiroth interlocking Advent Children sculptures, Aerith, and Valkyrie Profile (Lenneth) sculptures. The next one due out is Balthier and Fran on their flying motor bike thing from FInal Fantasy XII. I’d really like to get it but the price tag is so painfully high.
    Here’s a product page and some pics of it:

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