Review: Devil May Cry 3 Dante by Kotobukiya

So, I know I said the Aerith Sculpture was coming first, but, well, this came instead. She’s still coming, maybe later tonight.

So, Canada Post left some slips in my mail box that said I had to wait a day to go pick up the packages that they tried to deliver while I was out. Imagine that, waiting! I hate waiting! So anyway…

So I don’t know how these reviews are normally done but…I’ll just go through some picturess and point out what me likey and what me no likey.

Show us a smile.

If you like Dante then you’d probably like to click the “continue reading” link.

So the face sculpt is really impressive, if you ask me. I think I was reading somewhere when the game creators saw the prototype they said “This IS Dante,” and I have to agree. Sure the face doesn’t over all look as good as the prototype, but let’s face it (har har), they don’t usually (and apparently especially not Kotobukiya). Despite that though, it still looks great. Rearry grood (Better than the in-game model, lol).

The paint details on the mouth and the eyes are very well done, Dante’s got a great glare, just like he should. However, as you can probably see in the picture, the paint details for shadowing can seem a little too defined when looking at it up close, but they do a great jop of conveying the bags under his eyes when taking a step back and looking at the figure as a whole (which is normally what I do, I don’t stare longingly close into his eyes for hours, so it’s allllll good, for me. …No seriously, I don’t!).
As for his hair, I absolutely love the way it turned out, they made a good choice on the paint tone and the sculpting details are great.

Point that thing somewhere else, would you?

Epicness. I really liked the background from the interior of his box, I used it in four photoshoots today, lol. I need to buy some real backgrounds. And a tripod. >.>

As you can see, the paint applications and the sculpt for the rest of the figure are just as good, the details are impressive, from the zipper on his jacket to the buckles on his jacket’s belt, all the way down to his boots. The folds in his clothing have a realistic flow to them and his jacket tails look great. The only problem I really have with the rest of the body again is the “shadow” paint applications which are also found on the hands, but once again are fine with a little bit of distance, but if you look too close they look a little awkward. Nothing to cry about though. The rest of his hands, fingernails, gloves, are ridonkulously well done.

Dante has painted on abs, I don’t know why he bothers, he always gets the girl anyway, maybe he likes Twinkies too much (The paint tones look good though, fangirls should be happy).

Dante comes with his trusty guns Ebony & Ivory, and of course the badass sword that is Rebellion (with inter-changeable hands so that you can mix and match the weapons, and the gun holsters on his back are fully functional)!

The base is a nice touch as well, worn down faux stone tiles and Dante perches atop the body of a defeated Hell Vanguard, declaring his badassery. The Vanguard is considerably well detailed for being part of the base. The only thing I don’t like about it is that the plastic bottom base piece is hollow and thing, like an upside down plastic plate, and seems kind of flimsy compared to what is sitting on top of its structure.

Well that’s pretty much all I have to say about this, no pantsu shot, sorry! 😛 Seeing as my two confirmed readers are girls though,
(Somewhat blurry) Fanservice shot (O.o)!

I’ll upload a zip of the high quality versions of the shots later, maybe sometime tomorrow.


~ by wanderingkind on June 7, 2008.

13 Responses to “Review: Devil May Cry 3 Dante by Kotobukiya”


  2. I think Dante is one of the few characters who can get away with it. xD

  3. My god, he is fabulous. I also like the Aerith sculpture, but Dante is awesome! Where are they made?

  4. Yeah, Dante is definitely one of my favourites. Probably second after Alter’s KOS-MOS ver. 4.
    He is made by the figure company Kotobukiya in Japan. 🙂

  5. Thanks for the review and the photos. I was wowed over when the prototype shots of the figure were taken at toy shows in the United States and Japan. But I am a bit disappointed when I saw the actual thing. I know it’s PVC, that’s why I am still hesitant. He looks a bit too plasticky to me(well, duh, he is PVC after all), but the pose and sculpting is too strong to resist. Only Japanese designed statues have such dynamic body poses!

  6. all i can say is he’s COOL…….thats all

  7. I just received mine in the mail… The weapons don’t seem to want to fit in his hands… Was yours like that? Or did you have to squeeze them into his grip? I don’t want to break it, its so awesome! 😦

    • Hey Ashlie,
      they do have to be squeezed in a bit, his hands are made of pretty flexible PVC, so if you are gentle it shouldn’t break, just make sure the figure is warm (At least room temperature) when you do it. Some of my friends like to use a hair dryer to warm up the hands to make them even more flexible, but I don’t like to expose my figures to extreme temperatures, even briefly.

      I didn’t have any breakage problems with him, they are sturdier than they look, these figures, but I know what it’s like to want to be extremely gentle with them. xD

      Good luck 😀 It should be fine.

  8. Thank you so much for replying, I managed to fit the weapons in, I’ve never had a PVC figure so I had nooo idea how fragile they might be, haha. Thanks for the advice, it definitely helped me. 🙂

  9. wow! where can i get one?

  10. Nice website you got here! I have Dante too along with Vergil. Good thing Vergil has no bags. Only thing I don’t like this figure is dark circle under the eyes. I want to see your other collections and reviews. Thanks for sharing.

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