First Post: The Big Move

Hi, and welcome to my blog.

Ummm, if you don’t know me you probably shouldn’t waste your time here, there are far better things to waste your time on, I assure you. ^.^

And on to the most pressing topic for today


So on Thursday, May 22nd, I had lunch with a good friend of mine, but before that we took her daughter to the pet store to buy a female betta (or Siamese fighting fish, if you prefer) for her. Being the impulse shopper that I am, it was a very OMG WANT moment. And that is how my new baby Ryuk came into my life.

Ryuk...bad image quality, evil lamp!

Yes he is darling I agree. x3

Well, the very knowledgeable staff member at Petsmart sold me this little “betta kit” thing with a tiny bowl, some gravel, and one fake plant.

Poor guy in that tiny hell hole.

Well, I got this little thing called the INTERNETS. So I did me some internets reading. Wikipedia and shits, knawimean? Those Petsmart biatches ain’t got nothing on Wikipedia. I also found some useful forums where people could post picturs of their tanks and long time owners could help them out. I forget the link though, lol. Anyway, I found out he needs more plants to hide behind, and a bigger tank would be much better for him, the small tank thing is really inhumane. I saw this lavalamp that you put a betta in at Walmart. And another lamp-ish betta bowl that was disturbingly small. Disgusting. So anyway, being the impulse buy that I am, I got my Ryukie the hook ups. This little pimp has got 10 GALLONS OF FREEDOM. Okay, so that may not seem like a lot, but 10 gallons is a lot of freedom for one little betta fish, especially when you compare to it THIS MONSTROSITY. Look at that poor thing. He’s not lucky enough to have an owner like me. I also got him like $40 worth of fake plants and a little asian-y bridge.

So anyway, I spent hours yesterday getting this thing all set up, cleaning the tank, cleaning the gravel, putting together the filter, getting the water treated (yay STRESS COAT!), taping the background on, installing the tropical heater. It was intense. But today, after the 24 hour “wait” period while the filter broke in and the water got de-chlorinated (and de-all that bad stuff’d), it certainly payed off.

Ryuk ejoying his beautiful new home.

Little Ryuk has been swimming all about it for hours of bliss now, and he still comes to say “O hai, I ish can has apples now?” when I talk to him, so living in his new mansion hasn’t inflated his ego one bit.

Some videographic happiness:


~ by wanderingkind on May 26, 2008.

2 Responses to “First Post: The Big Move”

  1. So you DID call him after the Death Note character? HAHAHA at first I thought you meant a Ryuk action figure, but you meant your betta. ^^ He is adorable.

  2. What a lucky betta fish! 🙂 And a cutey. That tank is awesome too, btw.

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